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Preparation of papers, chapters and books requires commitment and research. The professional reward is greater learning.

I have written many articles on medico-legal subjects.  My first publication, as a young co-Author of a biochemistry paper was “Hydroxylations of aromatic amino acids mediated by a tetrahydropterin” Biochimica et biophysica acta {Biochim-Biophys-Acta} 1970 Dec 29, VOL: 222 (3), P: 606-10, ISSN: 0006-3002.

The more prominent other publications are:

Co-Author of “Thurston’s Coronership: The Law and Practice on Coroners” (1985) Longman Law, Tax and Finance

Specialist Editor: Coroner’s Law in the Justice of the Peace Reports (1985-1990)

Chapter in “Consciousness Awareness and Pain in General Anaesthesia” Butterworths (1987)

Co-Author of “Casebook on Coroners” Barry Rose Publications (1989)

Chapter in “General Anaesthesia” Butterworths 5th edn (1989)

General Editor of “Powers & Harris: Medical Negligence” Butterworths (1990)

Record Keeping in Anaesthesia: what the law requires Br. J. Anaesth. 1994:73:22-24

The Coroner’s Inquest: Br. J. Anaesth. 1994; 73; 78-82

Introduction to Medical Negligence Law Clinical Risk (1995) 1, 37-39

Foreseeability and Remoteness Clinical Risk (1996) 2, 85-87

Chapter in “Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled Adult” Stanley Thornes (1997)

Chapter in “General Anaesthesia” Butterworths 6th edn (1997)

Chapter in “Emergency Anaesthesia” Arnold (1997)

Chapter in “Drug Induced Automatism in Medicine, Medical Devices and The Law” Greenwich Medical Media Limited (1999)

Co-Author of “Sources of Coroners Law” (1999) Barry Rose Law Publishers Ltd

General Editor of “Powers & Harris: Clinical Negligence” Butterworths (2000)

Chapter in “Risk Management and Litigation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology” Royal Society of Medicine (2001)

Chapter in “Acquired Damage to the Developing Brain” Arnold (2002)

Communicating risk in the United Kingdom. BMJ 2003 Sep 27 327(7417) 735-6

A Quantum Leap for Investment in Patient Safety: A Legal and Moral Duty. Published privately Simon John and Michael Powers QC September 2011

Opinion on the Crash of Chinook ZD 576 on Mull of Kintyre 2nd June 1994

General Editor (with Dr Anthony Barton) of Clinical Negligence (6th Edition) Bloomsbury Profession (UK) 2022

The Law is not equipped to consider scientific Dispute BMJ 2016: 352  http://www.bmj.com/content/352/bmj.i1768/rr-8

British Medical Journal Editorial “Expert witnesses: stuck between the courts and the GMC” BMJ 2017:357


Co-editor in Chief of Rix’s Expert Psychiatric Evidence (2nd Edition 2021) Cambridge University Press