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About Me

When I have the time, reading for pleasure, playing the piano, aviation and gardening provide my diversions.

My personal life is intrinsically woven into my professional life and the activities of a practising clinical negligence QC. Whilst not shunning the social media, my inputs have been conservative and designed to exchange ideas and news which might be of value to my friends and professional colleagues.

Music is a important part of my life. I play the piano (a Fazioli) but prefer to listen to the better performances of others.

Reading both medicine and law is a necessary and time consuming part of a medical negligence QC’s life. Nevertheless, when time permits, reading for pleasure is a delight provided the prose is cultured and the subject interesting.

With a home on the river Tavy on the western edge of Dartmoor, I encourage our visiting legal teams and experts to participate in the local outdoor life. Keeping the mind alert through exercise and discussions about the angles in a case whilst walking is invaluable.  The boot is on the other foot when I have a military case: I cannot profess the same level of physical fitness – but exercise is good for the thought processes: “bath time” as it is otherwise known.

Photography is a passion of mine.  After many years as a Canon enthusiast I have reverted to Leica now that digital perfection can be matched with the world’s best photographic lenses.  B&W portraits are a particular interest.

Lincoln’s Inn is a fundamental part of my life. Enthusiastic involvement in the collegiate life, education, ethics and advocacy training is a privilege and I enjoy living and working within the Inn.  The cameraderie of the Bar provides an environment in which we can enjoy the stimulus of learning from each other.  I do all I can to encourage and support those who aspire to practise in my profession.

I have a great interest in wine and in September 2012, I was intronis√© vigneron d’honneur by la Jurade de Saint-Emilion which ensures regular visits to the Bordeaux region.

I have two children, both of whom are married. My son Andrew and his wife Cassie have a daughter (Abigail) and my daughter Julia and her husband John have given me a grandson (Robert).

Last but not least I am fortunate to have a wife who not only tolerates my interests but becomes involved with them. We share interests – even to the extent of Pamela also qualifying as a helicopter pilot.  Her qualities of patience, care and tolerance support me when I am most under pressure.